As you know, 2020 has piled on some unique challenges on top of life's 'regular' pile of challenges. Many independent contractors including writers, and small business owners are finding the need to become more creative in earning income and broadening our skills. I am considering offering tutoring or online after school programming for elementary school kids who need help writing. Stay tuned for news on that; I really have to examine what the demand is for that, and how it would be structured. I have other skills and interests that I enjoy such as assisting persons with hoarding disorders, senior citizen and disabled person's advocacy and planning, and more. Soon I will add a special projects page to this site. Many of my projects are done with collaboration with a strong pre-established network of graphic designers, attorneys, accountants, business leaders and more. We have always supported one another, and our network is that much stronger during Covid-19.

If you are having a tough time navigating your career during Covid-19, on top of dealing with pre-existing stressors, or physical/mental health challenges, you are not alone. Reach out to a friend or family member. Or, let your doctor know how you are feeling. Below are some resource numbers. 

Small Business Assistance

Career Counseling North of Boston

NAMI Mental Health Resources